Our partners

Glass is German quality at its best. They have mixers, tumblers and blenders which can be equipped with vacuum, cooling, steam injection, heating mantle etc.

Index is a customer adaptation and the vast majority of machines supplied from Glass is produced with one or more specialized solutions. Whether the need is a special blending process that requires a gentle and / or effective treatment, or more traditional mixing processes, Glass has a solution.

Either way, the process times and yield are optimized considerably by the use of Glass machinery. Glass has also schnitzel flatteners and tenderizers in their program.


FPT produce the brand new Multicooker, a tunnel oven with many features. In addition, they have forming machines and also other types of frying solutions. Together with FPT have two large contactcookers been supplied to the Norwegian market the last few years. FPT also supply their unique heating elements to existing contactcookers.

FPT adapt the machines to customer needs and is located in Helsingborg, Sweden.



POSSWe are proud to announce that POSS have chosed us as their partner in Norway and Sweden. Their hardware solutions for mechanical separation of meat from bones are among the leading in the world. They have solutions for all needs from the smallest machines that provide 5-600 kg per hour and the largest with a capacity of minimum 15 tonns per hour. POSS is based in Toronto, Canada and has many machine solutions installed in Europe. The first once are also installed in Norway.

Unifortes logoUnifortes offers smart cleaning solutions for all requirements in a manufacturing company. Their all-round experience in both material handling and projects enables us to provide our customers with high quality equipment, based on the most efficient and cost-oriented solutions. Unifortes uses the latest technology in its modern production facilities. The product range varies from freestanding washing machines to turnkey delivery of fully automatic washing solutions and handling facilities.